Heading 3

 Some of the things I've been up to

"Most of the world is covered with water. A fisherman's job is simple: Pick out the best parts." - ​​​​​​Charles Waterman.​​​​

  1. Phoenix Jr. Bassmasters
    September 21 2017 6:30PM
    I will be the guest speaker at the pre-tournament meeting of The Phoenix Jr. Bassmasters on Thursday the 21st of Sept. We will be meeting at Sportsman's Warehouse at 19205 N. 27th Avenue. Phoenix Arizona 85085. UPDATE - Man did we have a great turnout for this event. These kids were great and we sure had a great seminar, and I boat captained for the kids the weekend afterwards, in which one of the kids took 2nd from my boat. Super happy about it.
  2. WON BASS U.S. Open. Henderson, Nevada
    October 16 - 18th 2017
    Can't wait for the U.S. Open. Going to be a great event this year. Going to be an incredible turnout. UPDATE - Had a great Open. I was short a fish or two each day which really cost me. Congratulations to Justin Patti for a great wall to wall win. Fishing was far different for me in the tournament than in pre-fish. Classic Lake Mead.
  3. 2017 WWBT Championship Lake Mead. Henderson, Nevada
    September 7 - 9 2017
    This was a great event. I fell a little short of the 3rd day cut, but finished with two strong limits for a 20th place finish. Ready to get em' at the Open next month.
  4. JML on Lake Pleasant
    August 4th 2017
    Had a good limit with Dylan Maxon yesterday. We squeezed into check range with a 6th place finish. We've been doing well with some skins tourneys this summer, and it was nice to get another check.
  5. WWBT on the California Delta
    June 9 - 11, 2017
    Got my limit both days, but the Delta wasn't good to me again. Lot of water to cover and not much knowledge of the place. I have some work to do. Was really happy to scrape together a limit the last day with a 5XD with just minutes to spare.
  6. WON BASS California Open
    May 24 - 26, 2017
    Had a solid event. Was 8th after day one, and 5th after day two. Settled into the 13th spot on day 3. Didn't have a kicker the last day, but the first two days pulled me through for a nice check. Got my fish flippin, jerk baits and huge deep cranks.
  7. FLW Costa Series. Lake Havasu, Arizona
    Feb 8 - 10 2018
    Had a great first day, in 20th place, but on the second day, there was a boat who saw me in my area the day before, and ….. he beat me to it the second day. That's the breaks. I wasn't worried, scrambled to my other areas, but to no avail. I put three fish together to finish a few spots out of the money. Learned a few lessons on that one though. Good for future use for sure!
  8. FLW Costa Series Sam Rayburn, Jasper Texas
    Feb 15 - 17 2018
    I believe 240 plus boats for this event. Massive. I had to basically run home from Lake Havasu Arizona, sleep for one night and get my stuff together to drive straight through to Texas, just to have a day and a half to pre-fish, on a lake I'd never been on.... which by the way... it was raining and 46 degrees when I got on the water to fish the first day. LOL. Didn't stop me from loving Sam Rayburn though. Man, what a beautiful fishery. Finished in the middle of the pack. Next time, I just want more time to see this incredible place.
  9. FLW Costa Series Grand Lake, Grove Oklahoma
    March 22- 24 2018
    Another epic Lake that I had been wanting to fish. Grand Lake is an amazing place with docks and dirty water... right up my wheel house. However... Recent flooding made the lake turn over and it was explained to me fishing was tougher than ever. Which was true. Hard to get bit. Found a 7 kicker and some good ones in one area, and was able to get them to go for a deep in the money position for day 1. Day 2 however, I could not get them to go. This one really killed me inside. Thought I had what I needed After day 1. Had high hopes. Can't wait to go back.
  10. FLW Costa Series. Clear Lake, California
    May 10 - 12 2018
    After having done decent the year before in the California Open on Clear Lake, I ran the same plan. Get an 11 pound limit early off the shad spawn and then go for a good one. I did not get that big one I needed the first day, and that big one came unbuttoned on day 2. I really needed to go for better average size and not depend on that big bite. It was risky and paid off in 2017, but is not going to pay off each year. What a great place though. Can't wait to go back.
  11. FLW Costa Series. California Delta, California
    Sept 27-29 2018
    Had a great time at the Delta. Good pre-fish. Made a long run. Good ones didn't bit the first day, just a limit. However, they bit day 2 and fell just short of a check. Great time on the Delta though.
  12. 2nd Stop of the FLW Tour. Lake Toho. Kissimmee, Florida
    Feb 7-10 2019
    Blaaaahhh... Rough tournament for me guys. Was catching my fish on docks and other places, with a spinnerbait in practice. Had 4 fish over 4 pounds, one over 7, and thought I found a little something nobody was keying in on. Was all by myself. Never got bit in the tournament on docks or the blade and had to scramble out to Kissimmee to just get a few fish. Fell 1 short of a limit the first day and 2 short on the second. Really bad tournament for me. On to Seminole. Gonna turn it around there hopefully. I feel good about it.
  13. WON BASS U.S. Open. Lake Mead. Henderson, Nevada
    Oct 15 - 17 2018
    Managed to pull out a 9th place, with more than 230 boats. I'll take that. Did have an opportunity at a fish over 6lbs with just minutes left. Bumped me right at the boat, but didn't take the hook. Heart was in my mouth, that was the fish I needed to win. Had a great Open though. Can't wait till next year.
  14. First Stop of my Rookie Year on the FLW Tour. Sam Rayburn Reservoir
    Jan 10-13 2019
    1st Tourny of my rookie year on the FLW Tour. Tour level competition and didn't know the lakes, but I love going into new places, and catch em'. Call me crazy, but I was ready to go. Waited my whole life for this opportunity. Everything was set. Rolled out like a heard of buffalo... aaannnddd... Broke down in southern Arizona. Dead in the water. Traded the truck for a new one, because it would take too long to fix. Missed half my pre-fish and really didn't do well. Limit the first day, broke off a big one, and just got worse from there. Not the way you like to start your dream year off, but is what it is. That's life. On to Toho, which will probably be my toughest of the year lake wise.